Pamper yourself. . .Align to the energy of a specific planet and activate its' qualities.
The Practitioner places the "Tuners" near the 24 human spinal vertebras called
"leaders of the tribes".   They in turn identify the male & female archetypes
for each of the 12 astrological signs.  Here they gather together with "all humanity."

(Performed on a Massage Table - fully clothed.  LOVE OFFERING)

The Swiss Scientist Hans Cousto, author of the Cosmic Octave, discovered how to convert planetary cycles into
musical pitches.  Using his system the “sa” corresponds to the sound of one Earth year of the time it takes the
Earth to circle the SUN.  To arrive at the frequency of planet Earth (136.1 Hz) an Earth year is reduced to a
second.  An Earth year is 365.242 days and an Earth day is 86,400 seconds. Days are multiplied by seconds the
answer will be 315,567,925,9747 seconds equal one Earth year. Divide by one year and raised 32 octaves the
result is the audible tone 136.1 Hz.  Cosmic note OM.

SUN:         Where we’re going in the future, heart,    identity, consciousness, vitality, spirit  (Solar Chakra)

MOON:  Where we’ve already been, the past, instincts, the unconscious body. (Sacral Chakra)

MERCURY:  Communication, intelligence, thought, ideas, understanding (Throat Chakra)

VENUS:  Harmony, ability to feel, love & have close relationships, sense of creativity and artistry (Heart Chakra)

MARS:  Survival, action, getting what you want, motivates action, brings out decision-making abilities (Root Chakra)

JUPITER:  Joy, Good fortune, spirit of laughter, opportunity, adventure in life (Heart Chakra)

SATURN:  Ability to be disciplined, restriction, limitations, learning hard lessons (Brow Chakra)

URANUS:  Independence, make changes through inspiration and insight, freedom of expression without self imposed              
limitations (Throat Chakra)

NEPTUNE:  Dependence, mystical, magnetic, enhances spiritual experiences, brings out ability to be compassionate, get in
touch with and support dream life, (Sacral & Throat Chakra)

PLUTO:  Letting go of the old and bring rebirth, ability to face our deepest secrets, invisible, intensity, transformation (Sacral
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Frequency of the
Planet Tuning Forks

Mercury            141.27 HZ
Venus               221.23 HZ
Earth                   135.1 HZ
Mars                  144.72 HZ
Jupiter               183.58 HZ
Saturn                147.85 HZ
Uranus               207.38 HZ
Neptune              211.94 HZ
Pluto                    140.25 HZ