I.        Survey was conducted at Windama Society, Melbourne
an organization that offers holistic care for those suffering from addictions.)

                               A.        Drug users spend first week detoxifying.

                                       1.        After detoxification, there is 2 - 3 week assessment program.   THEN     

                                               a.        Prepare to go home, or
                                               b.        Referred to other programs - such as Reiki

                               B.        Three year study (1992 - 1995) on complimentary therapies found the following:

                                       1.        Reiki  appears  to address the conscious & unconscious spiritual needs of drug users.

                                       2.        Reiki appeared to elicit self-awareness which in turn:
                                                       a.        Facilitated the counseling process
                                                       b.        Assisted the users in their personal growth

                                       3.        Residents receiving Reiki have been remarkable
                                                       a.        Particularly during those difficult first weeks of  “withdrawal.”

                                       4.        Many Participants were long-term drug users:

                                                       a.        Heroin 70%
                                                       b.        Amphetamines - 30%
                                                       c.        Cocaine users - 30%
                                                       d.        Addicts - 50%
                                                       e.        Benzodiazepines & barbiturates - (some used)
                                                       f.         Cigarette smokers/tobacco users - 100%
                                                       g.        Methadone - 50%
                                                                      *Those who used methadone had to detoxify from methadone as well.

                                       5.        Withdrawal Symptoms include:
                                                       a.        Anxiety
                                                       b.        Depression
                                                       c.        Mood swings
                                                       d.        Insomnia
                                                       e.        Sweating
                                                       f.         Restlessness
                                                       g.        Abdominal cramps
                                                       h.        Irritability
                                                       i.          Muscular pains

                                       6.        The alternative program used “no drugs” in the withdrawal phase, instead used:
                                                       a.        Group therapy
                                                       b.        Counseling
                                                       c.        Natural therapies

                               C.        When Reiki was incorporated to assist detoxification it caused:

                                               1.        A profound and prolonged state of relaxation.                    
                                                               a.        Brought participants feelings of “peace” & “wellbeing”
                                                               b.        Greater ability to sleep after treatment
                                                               c.        State of relaxation lasted for a longer period of time
                                                               d.        Reduced the anxiety level
                                                               e.        Reduced tension
                                                               f.        Reduced aggression
                                                               g.        Accelerated the detoxification process
                                                               h.        Many participants felt really “energized” after Reik treatment.

D.        Participates can treat themselves after taking Level One Reiki

                                               1.        They cope better with group therapy sessions                        
                                               2.        They cope better with bouts of depression
                                               3.        Some experienced a re-surfacing of buried emotions
                                                               *        which they were able to discuss and resolve

                               E.        Reiki also helped ease:

                                               1.        Physical aches & pains
                                                          *         these are side effects of  “withdrawal”

                                               2.        Reiki proved to be calming & soothing for exhibited tremors

                                               3.        Reiki was deemed beneficial for speed users
                                                          *       those whose brains are usually racing at “a million miles an hour.”

                                               4.        Reiki offers treatments that are NOT hallucinatory in nature
                                                           *       yet, occurred spontaneously & helped in counseling processes.
                                                           *       the participants could interpret the images which led to their  resolution of existing unresolved issues.

                               F.        Conclusion:

                                               1.        Reiki appears to induce a profound relaxation within 10 minutes for nearly all recipients.
                                                               *        this relaxation may last from a few hours to even a week
                                                               *       usually provides a reduction in client’s:
                                                                       1.        Anxiety
                                                                       2.        Tension
                                                                       3.        Aggression

                                               2.        The findings are echoed in the words of one client -
                                                           a man named “Ted” -   who commented after his Reiki treatment:

    “I have never felt so at peace.  Now I know what peace is.”

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