The time is NOW.

There is no more waiting to access these Higher Spiritual Chakras.
This transformation has already begun.  If left to their own devices, these new
chakras can and will activate and open on their own as we continue to clear
karma and raise our vibrations to take more light into our being.  

It can take years for these chakras to completely open on their own.  
By assisting in your own process of installing and activating your
new chakra system you lock yourself in to the dimensions
consciousness with a peaceful and joyful experience.

Your 4D Spiritual Chakras can be cleared, anchored, activated, balanced and
realigned to your highest good as guided strictly by your Higher Self.
At our present stage of development, we can still easily utilize the Seven Chakra System
to balance our Etheric bodies.  As we move toward becoming 4th and 5th dimensional
beings, our base-seven chakras are also evolving.  For instance, possibly when you
are meditating the
reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, indigos and purples
of the foundation Chakras begin to transmute and change in density and color.
There begins a blending of the colors, with each Center melting with those below and
above as they become a shaft of golden/silvery Light that radiates through each Center.

* * * * *

Introduction to the new chakras

The Earth Star Chakra is important as it returns energy back to the Source.  
This is the last point at which the energ
y is a part of you.  Actually, the Earth Star
Chakra is often considered part of the Root (or base)  Chakra.
The Earth Star Chakra connects us to earth and the divine mother and
is the grounding cord of your multidimensional light body.   Located in the feet.
Actually this Chakra is
not new,however,
it is taking its' place among the new  developing chakras.  

The Well of Dreams Chakra  enables the individual to achieve advanced
out-of-body projection, spiritual perception and spiritual wisdom.  
It is the center of divine love,
of spiritual compassion and spiritual selflessness.  Located at the
back of the head where the skull and neck are joined.

The Pineal Chakra  holds your karmic blueprint.  It stores the skills and
abilities learned in all lifetimes.  It is the knowledge base for the soul.  
The Pineal Chakra is where all the Christ abilities lie dormant, waiting to be
released and used in the outer and inner worlds.  Near the center of the brain
behind and just below the 3rd eye chakra and located directly behind the eyes.

The Thymus Chakra is responsible for divine creativity,  synchronicity of life
and the merging of the masculine and feminine within. This is when we will
‘think it and be it’ that is to say ‘what we think is what we get’ whether it is for
our highest good or not.   Just above your Heart Chakra at the Thymus Gland     

The Core Star Chakra governs full conscious breathing which is the ability to
draw in the necessary prana or life energy through our breath.
The Core Star Chakra is now the center for storing negative emotions.
As this center activates, fear and doubt dissolve.
It can alleviate stress and empower “Will” energies
stored in the solar plexus center.
Located Base of the thoracic cavity (Sits over the diaphragm).

The Soul Star Chakra regulates the left side of your body and controls your
many creative gifts and talents.  It is also where the desire for internal self-love
and for external love or compassion originates.  It represents what is left of
the Ego. The Soul Star Chakra connects us to the Higher or Spiritual  Realms
and brings it into our natural realm. Sits outside of the right side of the
head and above the Crown Center.  (little to the left)

The Etheric Chakra  regulates the right side of your body and has authority
over your perceptions of reality and your ability to carry out a designated
plan with practicality.  It is the source of your desire for inner and outer
harmony. It represents what is left of the negative Ego.  
Located one arms length above Crown Chakra

The Galactic Chakra is your emotional body chakra, your astral body center
and your light body center. When you focus on this chakra your consciousness
will want to naturally expand beyond the solar system to the level of your
local galaxy.  Located two arm lengths above Crown Chakra

It is time to Integrate the 4th Dimensional Chakra System