Review of Reiki I

The Reiki Symbols

The Power Symbol - Cho Ku Rei
Understanding the Symbol
Using the Power Symbol
Giving a Blessing
Sealing a Treatment, Increasing Awareness
Charging Your Food
The Mental/Emotional Symbol - Sei He Ke
Uses for the Mental/Emotional Symbol
Arguments, Memory, Learning, Examinations
Concentration, Relationships
The Distance Symbol - Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
A Two Step Process
Using a Surrogate
Into the Future
Into the Past
How to Activate the Symbols
Endocrine Glands, Meridians & Chakras
Distance Healing Techniques  (1 & 2)
Mental/Emotional Clearing Technique
Deprogramming Technique
How to Start & Run Your Own Reiki Business
Closing Meditation
Reiki Level II Outline