* * * * *

Now that you are a Reiki Master Practitioner
you can further enhance your Reiki knowledge by attending this class
which  prepares you for teaching & attuning others, as well as
re-attuning yourself to this Universal Energy known as REIKI.

* * * *  *

Reiki Tibetan Origins
Story of Tibetan Reiki Lineage
What is the Tree of Life
The Five Principles of the Kabbalah
Review of Reiki Levels I, II, III
Tibetan Master Symbols & Raku - Fire Serpent

How to give a Reiki Attunement (Usui & Tibetan)
Breathing Techniques - Violet & Kidney Breath
Microscopic Orbit
Reiki Self-Healing & Self-Exercising

Healing Attunement
Attune Yourself & Others
using Tibetan Water Attunement)
Understanding the Whole Body Reiki
& More

The only requirement is that you are already a
Usui Reiki Master Practitioner before attending this class.