How does Accupressure Work?

Acupressure applies pressure to the potent points
which in turn, triggers the release of endorphins,
which are neurochemicals that relieve pain.  
Acupressure unblocks the pain and releases the
flow of blood and oxygen which then flows to the
affected area.  This also causes the muscles to
relax and promotes healing.
What is the difference between
acupressure & acupuncture?

Acupressure and Acupuncture use the same potent points.
The only difference is acupuncture uses needles and electricity,
whereas, acupressure uses the human hand.
What symptoms can be relieved by acupressure?

To name a few, acupressure can relieve symptoms of
headaches, eyestrain, sinus problems, neck pain,
backaches, arthritis, muscle aches, tension due to stress,
plus relieve of ulcer pain, menstrual cramps,
lower back aches, constipation, indigestion and insomnia.  
What is Accupressure?

A very old Chinese Art using pressure
to stimulate the body’s natural
self-curative abilities.  

How long does it take Accupressure
to work?

Acupressure’s effects can be subtle &
while you may often experience immediate
relief from stress & pain,  sometimes it
may take you a few weeks to notice big changes
in your overall condition.

Ring of Earth:      Aimed at grounding yourself, overcoming phobias, addictions, overcoming
               seduction, illusions, or possessions.

Ring of Water:     Developing forgiveness, unconditional love or balancing emotions.

Ring of Fire:        Restoration of DHEA , treatment of migraine,  diabetic neuropathy  
              rheumatoid  arthritis.

Ring of Air:          Improving simultaneity of thought,  holographic  thinking,  mental creativity,
              and symbolic thought.

Ring of Crystal:   Regulation of  the overall  energetic system, reduce the  abnormal oxidative
(Ether)                 molecules in the body, and assist in paralysis.  

Points to activate the five elements using your body’s pressure points

"Sacred Rings" are five energetic circuits that have been developed and tested by Caroline Myss,
a legend in the field of intuition and energy healing.  Caroline has three New York Times bestsellers
to her credit, including her current blockbuster
Sacred Contracts.   By her researching the question,
"How can we raise DHEA?" and her knowledge of the meridians and acupressure points of traditional
Chinese medicine, she was able to determine that stimulation of specific acupressure points -
and their corresponding organs - would indeed raise the level of this crucial hormone.  
Through meditation, intuitive insight, and research and testing, she was able to discover the details
of all five
"Sacred Rings."  She says the single most important factor in activating one of
"Sacred Rings" is to work on the 'Ring' in a state of spiritual attunement.
What does the healing touch of acupressure accomplish?

Acupressure reduces tension, increases
circulation, & enables the body to relax deeply.
By relieving stress, acupressure strengthens resistance
to disease and promotes wellness.  
Ancient Solfeggio Scale Tuning Forks have been weighted
to produce the frequencies to vibrate pressure points.

(some of the following information is taken from The Crystal Path to Self Knowledge by Naisha Ahsian)

Within our bodies and beings are billions of cells, zillions of molecules, and countless atomic and subatomic
particles.  Each of these parts carries its own vibration, specific to itself.  Imagine the number of specific
vibrations that combine to create the vibration in the community of a molecule.  Now imagine the number of
molecules that must exist in energetic harmony in order to create the being and vibration of just one of the
cells in your fingernail or eye.  Imagine the incredible harmony and energy of these cells coming
together to form the components of your little finger or toe.

All this matter is vibrating at an incredible rate, all in concert and harmony with the components of
itself and those particles that surround it.  The energy of all these sub-atomic particles vibrating in
harmony creates our bodies and our energetic field, or aura.

There are also other forces on the planet that can be accessed on an energetic level.  These energies are
referred to as the elemental forces.  These are the basic patterns of energy movement on the planet; and
they have great influence over the way that we live and experience our lives.
It is a vast resource for the Lightworker to access and utilize in her energetic work.

The "Earth" being the "bones" of the Great Earth Mother, represents the most stable and physical aspects
of our lives.  The subtle energies of the "
Earth Element" are the base notes for the vibrations of our Earthstar
and first chakras.  When we are connected with the
Earth and it's energies, we are more capable of functioning
on a daily basis in our lives.  The
Ring of Earth is useful for overcoming both phobias and addictions, and
for overcoming seduction, illusions, or possessions.  Stimulating the
Ring of Earth activates calcitonin -
the hormone produced by the thyroid gland that is critical for strength of your skeletal system.  When combined
with the
Ring of Ether (Crystal)  it helps in cases of cerebral palsy, ALS, and other neurological disorders.

The second elemental force is that of "Water."  Water is one of the crucial materials that our bodies need
to sustain life.  It is "liquid air", the blood of the Earth, and a powerful source of energy for the cleansing of the
heart and emotions.  
Water is yielding and receptive, yet it can wear down mountains if given time.  From this
element we learn release, constancy, joy, and the way of water ~ going with the flow.  The element of water
rules the heart and throat chakras, the home of emotions and sound.  By utilizing water energy one can clear
old emotional patterns, learn to express oneself more fully, and sooth and heal our emotional wounds.    The
Ring of Water works when you need additional help in developing forgiveness, unconditional love or
balancing emotions.  This
Ring of Water can also help with obesity, lowering of cholesterol, edema and
congestion.   When we stimulate the
Ring of Water we actually optimize the production of aldosterone ~
the adrenal hormone that balances water and mineral metabolism.

The third of these natural elemental forces is the energy of  "Fire".  This energy is the life force of Earth,
and it's power is represented by the molten core of the planet.  It is also represented by lightning, which can
create physical fire on the planet's surface.  This fire is an incredible force to change and purification.
Through leaving destruction in it's wake, it also creates space for growth as it enriches the earth, so that new
creations can grow and new manifestations can thrive.  It clears the old and unproductive aspects from the
Earth and from our lives, allowing new experiences and creations to take root.  Invoking the energy of "Fire"
can be a powerful way to cleanse stagnant energies that are in need of total transformation.  The "Ring of Fire"
is also used for restoration of DHEA, and treatment of migraine, diabetic neuropathy, and rheumatoid arthritis.
DHEA is one of the androgens circulating in the body that is a precursor of androstenedione, testosterone,
and estrogen.  Produced mainly in the adrenal glands, decrease in DHEA levels occurs with aging.  The DHEA
is the battery of your life's energy and the single most important indication of your energetic fire.

The fourth element is the Air or Wind.  This element represents the energy of the mind.  It is the most
yielding and elusive element, and yet it's power surrounds us each moment in our breath, in the breeze and in
our thoughts.  
Air is the energy of Spirit.  It is the means by which our spirits can travel great distances or
soar to new heights.  Wind energy gives us wings to explore and experience things of which we earthbound
creatures count not otherwise conceive of.  It is a reminder of our original state:  when we existed as pure energy,
without the density of a physical body.  The
Air element governs the third eye and crown chakras.  This
element's power brings us visions and communications from spirit.  The
Ring of Air is also useful for improving
simultaneity of thought, holographic thinking, mental creativity, and symbolic thought.. .it can improve one's
sense of integration/nonseparatism, and assist in easing tinnitus.  Stimulation of the
Ring of Air can increase
neurotensin by up to 500 percent.  Neurotensin is a neuroleptic chemical that is produced in the brain and helps
you dissociate the mind from the body or focus on your higher self.  
The Ring of Air can serve to heal rage.

Ring of Ether  or Ring of Crystal  is useful for regeneration and regulation of the overall energetic system.
Electrical stimulation of the
Ring of Ether can markedly reduce free radicals ~ the abnormal oxidative molecules
in the body that lead to disease and, death.  We know that every cell in the body is actually reproduced within a
maximum of seven years.  Some cells are reproduced within hours or days, but all cells are regularly replaced.  
The free radicals actually damage or destroy tissue.  Regular activation of the
Ring of Ether allows our cells to
reproduce themselves with a much reduced level of free radicals ~ the key to remaining youthful.  

(Relax & enjoy the vibration of the "Sacred Rings"  pressure points,
while fully dressed on massage table. . .
EARTH   ~   WATER   ~   FIRE   ~   AIR   ~   ETHER
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